TMC #26 – Capturing Equity with Paul Dillon | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Welcome back to Tuesday Morning Coffee sessions! Today, Tony Woodall speaks with Paul Dillon, whom we had on the show earlier when we talked about private investigations in real estate. This Tuesday, Tony shares with us his experience with capturing equity, following the Investor Creator method.

What We Cover:

  • How Paul decided to start buying equity
  • The power of negotiation when it comes to home inspection report
  • How to use home inspection as a tool to secure a good deal, understand the property’s problems and get cheaper insurance
  • Paul’s experience with lead generation and qualifying leads
  • Why using the script is necessary when talking to leads
  • The pitfalls of getting off the script or getting comfortable with the script
  • How to gather resources, advice and a good team

For the Investor Creator apprenticeship group exclusively, Paul is offering group Zoom calls where you can learn more about buying equity. If you want to get involved with Investor Creator, send us an email.