TMC #31 – The Art of Deals - Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Paul Dillon a.k.a. Big Pauly stopped by this Tuesday to share a pretty interesting deal he had recently, the problems he ran into with it, and how he managed to overcome them and capture incredible equity by sticking to the methodology we teach at Investor Creator.

What We Cover:

  • Paul’s recent deal and the issues with the transaction
  • How he dealt with a fraud he encountered
  • The beauty of the script and why you should always stick to it
  • How to troubleshoot problematic deals
  • The importance of inspection reports to open the opportunity of renegotiation
  • Three CMAs and how to get the best out of them when creating a deal
  • How to frame your deal to work with the motivations of your sellers and buyers

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