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The Roadmap To Financial Freedom

Just bought 56,000 in equity.

Just bought 56,000 in equity.

We had a call come in from a seller who is power of attorney for her brother who happens to be in prison. He needs to sell the house so he has money when he gets out. We bought this house for 105k cash. I never gave them an offer...she told me her price. The house...

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What do you do when a seller backs out of a deal?

What do you do when a seller backs out of a deal?

If you have any kind of deal flow at all, then you have encountered this... You get a great lead, you sign up a great deal, then you get a not-so-great text message from your seller that is telling you the deal is off. It can be very frustrating. You spend your...

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How I just made $75,000 in equity, and $569/month

How I just made $75,000 in equity, and $569/month

I am going to show you guys a transaction we are working on right now. This is the 2nd purchase of ours this month, and we should buy around 8-10 this month. The seller calls and is facing a foreclosure sale date of a week from the day she calls. My main acquisition...

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Brad Smotherman’s passion is being a top house flipper in the nation, and helping other newer investors build a sustainable real estate investing company. His focus is on buying single family flips creatively, both subject-to and with owner financing…and selling retail or with owner financing (creating wrap notes). This site is dedicated to helping others do the same. Please be sure to download the free case study “How Stephanie made $350k her first year..”.
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TMC #32 - How Do We Raise Money? - Investor Creator Podcast with Brad Smotherman

TMC #32 – How Do We Raise Money?

Once your #1 problem of marketing is solved, you quickly spiral into the second problem – how to raise money? In other words, you run into the fulfillment problem.

TMC #31 - The Art of Deals - Investor Creator Podcast

TMC #31 – The Art of Deals

Paul Dillon a.k.a. Big Pauly stopped by this Tuesday to share a pretty interesting deal he had recently, the problems he ran into with it, and how he managed to overcome them.

TMC #30 – What to Do When You’re in a Struggle

In the house flipping business, like in any business, it’s normal to go through a struggle. This week, we are talking about the first of the two main problems that every business faces – the struggle with marketing.

There’s one thing that I have done that has given me a quantum leap to success.


I listened to what they said

copied their marketing

learned their words

tweaked them until finally… I became my own successful investor.
There is nothing that is going to make you successful faster than copying what the successful do. I am opening my Investor Creator Blueprint soon. If you want a legal way to steal my processes, marketing, negotiation tactics, and deal structure…then contact us and get on the waiting list. There is an interview process…only because we want the right people to work with.
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