TMC #21 – Staying in Hope on Your Journey of Growth | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

What does it mean to stay in hope and why does it matter in these times? Today we talk about how staying in hope can help us define and have clarity about what we want in our future.

Hope is part of the narrative we tell ourselves as we try to build a state of mind that believes in a brighter future. This episode is a follow up on the last week’s episode and tackles why you need to remain focused on the input to create the output you desire. 

What We Cover:

  • Deal of the Day 
  • Falling in love with the idea of being the only one that is doing it out there
  • How hope can be a factor of certainty
  • Certainty as the factor of time frame. What time frame are you putting yourself on?
  • Where to find a community that levels you up
  • Remember the Triple A – Affirmation, Abundance Training, Anchors

It is much easier for one person who already has done one deal to do the second one. This is why you need to fall in love with the journey first, and keep in mind that it is a journey that never ends. Remain committed to the process. Be intentional with your affirmations, write down your commitments and then anchor your goals. Your journey of growth starts today.

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