TMC #8 – 3 Proven Rules to Build REI Business | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Today we’ll go over the 3 tried-and-tested strategies that will help you build your own real estate investment business. This is not comprehensive by intention, instead we chose to include the most essential insights that will help you get started.

What We Cover:

  • Showcasing deals from two apprentices
  • How to create a compelling vision and a disciplined mindset
  • The ‘grit’ factor for success in the long haul
  • How money works in deal structure
  • Why you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to do this
  • Why you don’t necessarily need a real estate license

Some have had quick wins in REI business based on the market, but forgot to build the work ethic and the systems to develop a long-term strategy for sustainable success. Don’t be that person, stay curious and keep learning!

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