TMC #25 – Rehabs 101 with Amanda Cooper | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Amanda Cooper is back with us to discuss rehabs and help you get into the details of this important part of your REI business. Make sure to follow Amanda’s lives every Thursday at 1pm CT to get more answers about rehabs!

What is Covered:

  • Stinky House Challenge and what was Amanda’s first experience with home rehabs
  • How many rehabs she actively manages at the moment
  • How to manage a home rehab remotely
  • What digital assets and documentation you need to decide on the scope and cost list of a rehab
  • How house inspection is carried our and in which order you should do a rehab
  • How to capture equity in the way you do a rehab
  • The cookie-cutter vs. creative side of rehabbing