TMC #18 – Half a Year in Review: Tips to Stay on Track | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

This week, Tony and his special guest Paul Dillon talk about why mid-year can be a great time to review your goals, and recognize you still have plenty of time to turn your ship around. As we’ve entered the second half of 2022, you can still accelerate your speed to gain significant momentum towards your goals for this year.

What We Cover:

  • Half a year in review: what are your goals to move forward to?
  • What it’s like setting goals for an investigation company
  • Why the second half of the year tends to be more productive
  • How to stay fluid and ready for anything to happen
  • What scarcity mentality does to you and how you can snap out of it
  • Expect things to be difficult but stay focused on what’s ahead

Mid-year can be an opportune time to reflect on things you need to recalibrate. The important thing to remember is to give up scarcity mentality and expect difficult things to happen. Things in life disappear to make room for something new. You only need to remain focused on what’s ahead and keep a positive mindset.

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