TMC #4 – Staying the Course with Your REI Business - Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Today we discuss the value of staying the course with your real estate investing business. Execution is about the discipline to practice your predefined strategy and implementation process. Whether you’re generating or nurturing leads, your motivation should always be accompanied by habits and optimized systems that keep you going even when times get rough and real estate markets go crazy.

What We Cover:

  • Deal of the Day
  • Success requires persistence to stay on the course
  • If you have established a working system, trust that things are going to work if you give it enough time
  • Why there is a lack of resources that teach creative financing
  • The fear of failure as the biggest reason not to start something
  • How incremental improvements over time become exponential
  • Why tacit approval is a lie and the value of surrounding yourself with a peer group that will help you grow
  • You can’t take advice  from people that aren’t where you want to be

There are exponential benefits to staying the course. If you learn to focus on the quality and quantity of effort you are putting in, like attending training, keeping your skills current and learning about latest real estate market trends, you will reap the rewards if you can hold on to your path. Anybody can give you the tools but the willingness to stay the course is up to you. Stay curious and keep learning!

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