Short-Term Rentals and Self-Management with Avery Carl - Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Avery Carl is a full-time real estate investor and real estate agent based in Florida. She helps real estate investors gain knowledge in order to be able to invest their money in short rentals, and create more passive income. Her strategy consists of taking her short-term rental income and parlaying that in the long-term rentals, and she’s building the portfolio of doors really quickly, which you will find very inspiring.

What We Cover:

  • Avery’s background and how she got into investing in rental properties
  • The strategy she is using to build her portfolio
  • How to manage a rental property remotely
  • The advantages of self-management and the problems with property management companies
  • Why a conservative approach to rental property markets works
  • The 2020 boom in the drivable rental markets
  • How to navigate the customer reviews as a rental property owner
  • Tips for listing and choosing properties to invest in
  • The story of people who are scared of the bear
  • Why you should try investing in short-term rentals