Investing Internationally with Nathan Amaral - Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Our guest in this episode is Nathan Amaral, an international investor who gives us a very forward-thinking perspective on real estate business and venturing into markets outside of your home country. Nathan is the founder of Fearless Millionaire, creator of the Freedom Formula, author, and international trainer.

In this episode we talk about what cap rates look like in other countries, what political processes are like and how this affects transactions, taxes, laws and the future of international investing.

What is Covered:

  • How Nathan became an investor and how he moved to Uganda
  • The importance of soaking yourself in another culture before starting a business there
  • What his first deal in Uganda looked like
  • Why corruption is a global phenomenon
  • How to raise money in a foreign country
  • Nathan’s current senior care project
  • What his next markets are and what Covid has brought to international investors

After the conversation with Nathan, I can’t help but wondering, with AI and technology advancing, if the typical investor in 30 years will be someone with a more international vantage point. The answer is probably yes, and Nathan is showing us the way.


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