How to Find Highly Motivated Sellers Using Digital Ads with Bryan Driscoll | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

Bryan Driscoll is the co-founder of Motivated Leads, offering Facebook and Google marketing services to wholesalers and real estate investors across the US to help them generate more leads.

In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of digital ads, the psychology of conversion, and how to find highly motivated sellers in the current state of real estate market.

What We Cover:

  • What is SEO and whether you can do it yourself
  • SEO vs. PPC – which one to do?
  • The difficulties of converting leads through organic traffic and how to track and retarget them
  • What the ad needs to look like for an investor to get the best shot at converting leads
  • The advantages of FB ads over Google ads
  • The biggest mistakes that people make when using digital ads
  • The minimal ad budget you need to have in order to start marketing your business
  • How many leads you need to generate in order to land a contract


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