How the Elections are Going to Change Our Business | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

How do we “play” the election now that we have a new president coming in? How do we take his administration and policies and implement those into our business? What will happen in 2021?

My short answer is – nothing. And here’s why.

What We Cover

  • Reasons for optimism and pessimism in the real estate investing space
  • The basis of our business – marketing and capturing motivated sellers
  • Two markets and how they are always inversely related
  • Conservative values of the real estate investing business
  • Does it really matter who is in the White House?

In short, we are not changing anything in our business model. And if you feel like your business is going to boom or bust based on which party is taking the presidency, then you really need to look at the fundamentals and make sure that you have strong business foundations.