Goal Setting Intensive – Part 2 | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

In Part 2 of the Goal Setting Intensive for 2021, we are doing the Belief Busters exercise, talking about Playing to Win vs. Playing not to Lose, and starting to shape our goals for this year.

What We Cover:

  • Why the biggest obstacle to achieving our goals are ourselves
  • How preparation can help us deal with almost anything that happens
  • The power of unconscious and the Belief Busters exercise
  • Mindset shifts – playing to win vs. playing not to lose

Set some time aside tonight and do the homework for tomorrow – come up with four things you want to believe about yourself and do the Belief Busters exercise; think about your priorities and how you play your game; and write down a few goals you want to hit in 2021.

And keep in mind – a good plan executed over time will always work.

See you tomorrow!


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