From Single-Family to Multi-Family Properties with Jeff Klotz | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman


Jeff Klotz is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and the founder and operating manager of The Klotz Group of Companies, a vertically integrated & comprehensive private equity real estate investment platform operating in over 20 States throughout the US. In this episode we talk about bridging the gap between single-family and multi-family properties investments.

What We Cover:

  • The current state of the market in single-family and multi-family space
  • Should you start a hotel in 2020?
  • The difficulties with finding value-add deals these days
  • How the 2008 crash changed the multi-family real estate market
  • How long it takes to turn around a typical C-class multi-family property
  • The threat of recession and being forced into bad deals
  • What can completely disqualify a property from potential investing
  • How to take the next step from investing in single-family to multi-family