Creative Deals Support Call | Become A Real Estate Investor, with Brad Smotherman

This is one of our support calls within my apprenticeship group, which consists of amazing people growing their business, creating notes, creating owner financing and doing deals that they’ve never done before. In this group I teach real estate investors how to structure their deals, I teach them about marketing, infrastructure, negotiating, cash flow, and other things, so they can begin seeing deal structure in a different way, based on how we create financing.

What We Cover:

  • Why the number of deals done in a year doesn’t really matter and what metric you should be looking at instead
  • The necessary groundwork and framework you need to learn before getting into higher level deal structures
  • Tips and suggestions for deal negotiations
  • Pros and cons of owner financing in specific situations
  • Why one bad deal can overshadow ten good ones
  • Advice on wrap notes and equity position
  • Examples of work in progress on successful deals in various US markets
  • State of real estate market at the end of 2020

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